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Michelle Toh

International News Editor, Reporter and Producer
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Charlie Rose: I Am Not President Trump’s Enemy

"I don’t think that most of the reporters that I know view themselves as the enemy of the President.”
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In Hong Kong, Even Your UberX Driver Has a Tesla

Ever ordered an Uber and climbed into the back of the wrong Prius? That doesn’t happen much in Hong Kong.
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The VC Who Didn’t Dare Call Herself a VC

“Venture capital to me, back then, was like, I couldn’t even get an internship. There was no way that I had the dream to start a venture capital firm.”
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PepsiCo’s First Chief Design Officer: People Don’t Just Buy Products Anymore

PepsiCo no longer just competes with other food and beverage brands.
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Why Design Thinking Matters More in Business Than Ever

How do businesses let design inform or even lead their strategy?
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Meet the Man Remaking Malaysia Airlines After MH370

The carrier's third CEO in two years is vowing to pull through with aviation's greatest turnaround.
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How a Peanut Seller Became One of Asia’s Biggest Billionaires

A real estate and casino tycoon shares lessons on economic empowerment from wartime Hong Kong.
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This Farm Is Betting Big on Chocolate-Eating Cows

Cadbury’s-fed Wagyu is the new luxury beef, an Australian producer claims.
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How Starbucks Hopes to Win Customers in the ‘Land of Tea’

Starbucks is expanding its tea offerings in Asia, in hopes of expanding its global sales for the drink to $3 billion over the next five years.
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WATCH: Was Flossie Excited for Her 110th Birthday? 'Not One Bit'

Flossie Dickey has reached an impressive milestone in her life – but all she really wants to do is take a nice long nap.
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Colorado raises $150 million from marijuana. Will more states legalize?

Colorado has collected so much marijuana tax revenue that a state law may return some of it to the public. But legalizing pot is not a quick budget fix, lawmakers say.
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Data tour: education attainment among Asian Americans

Who are the Asians who didn't finish high school or get through college, and where do they tend to live?
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Michelle Toh


I’m a news editor for Fortune Magazine.

Here in Hong Kong, I handle breaking news for, serve as an international assignment editor and help run Fortune's social media platforms. Before that, I was a web producer for Fox News Channel in New York City and a reporter for The Christian Science Monitor in Boston. I graduated with a concentration in journalism and political science from the University of Southern California, where I helped run the Annenberg School’s award-winning digital newspaper Neon Tommy for three and a half years.

I spent my formative years in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which got me interested in the themes of economic inequality, social policy and how democracies compare across the world.

My (self-proclaimed) goal is to help reduce the world’s degrees of separation by making sense of how people think and live. In 2015, I was named the recipient of USC Annenberg's Penny Lernoux Award for International Reporting. I am also a proud member of the Asian American Journalists Association.

My work has run the gamut from interviewing undocumented immigrant minors to profiling billionaire CEOs, featured in outlets including TIME, USA Today, Huffington Post, Global Post, Fusion and Harper's Bazaar. In my spare time, I enjoy crossing things off what I call the #GreatAmericanBucketList, learning new skills and spending an inordinate amount of time on Instagram.

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